Public Records 数据库s

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The On-line 达勒姆郡 Public Records 数据库s allow online access to a number of public information databases. The following databases are available for inquiry:
数据库 部门 描述
Food and 住宿 Grades 公共卫生 The Food and 住宿 Grade listings maintained by the 环境卫生 Division of the 达勒姆郡 公共卫生 部门 provide information on environmental health and mandated sanitation inspections for food and lodging establishments.
GIS地图 市/县GIS The Property Records database maintained by the GIS department provides detailed information about property within 达勒姆郡. Data and map layers available to view and query include Tax Parcels, City and County Boundary, 人口普查地理, 选区, 分区, 联邦应急管理局洪水区, 水文学, Railroads and Street Centerlines.
Calls for Service Reports 治安官 The Call for Service database maintained by the 治安官's department provides detailed information about complaints or emergency calls received from a citizen, such as disturbance or assault.
Inmate Population 搜索 治安官 The Inmate Population 搜索 (IPS) database maintained by the 治安官办公室 includes inmate incarceration and release dates, inmate ID (JCA) numbers, 指控, and original bond amounts for each charge as determined by the Magistrate.
税务管理 The property tax database maintained by the Tax Administrator's Office includes bill and parcel information for real property, personal property and motor vehicles.
查阅公共纪录 契约登记册 The Public Records database maintained by the 契约登记册 department provides information about Real Estate transactions, such as Grantor/Grantee indexes and related images.
选民登记 Records 选举委员会 The 选民登记 Records maintained by the 选举委员会 provides information about registered voters in 达勒姆郡. This information can be used to find out whether you are registered to vote, if your information is correct, your jurisdictional information, and the location of your polling place.